Women Athletes

Woman athletes often seem like they are forgot about but they are athletes also. Here at Beyond the Goal Post we know its difficult for you beyond sports also.

Female athletes don’t have job security. Once they have passed their prime, or retire, they don’t know how they will support their families. Although there are a few programs by the government to get jobs for women under sports quota, they usually end up getting very low-paying jobs. When in fact, they could become coaches, commentators and more. The opportunities for women who have retired from sports are even lesser.

Sports Facility

Beyond The Goal Post will give female athletes a dedicated communication for help in things that are specific for female athletes from former female athletes that know the hardship and struggle. 

It could be from when your wanting to start a family to something that you suffered from while you were playing your sport. Beyond the Goal Post is here to help .

Female sports is on the rise and the only way we can help build upon that is by helping the female athletes that have been through the hardship and struggle.